I am listening...

i rule celland!!!

*from kiki's journal entry*

dear veiwers,

my name is princess kikisten or you can call me kiki for short.

me and my once been BFF, princess celestia

created celland to populate the world so you should be thanking me for creating cells which later created humans.


p.s.didi tried playing some games on bad dream night

  • corruptGo to we were once friends... and now i hate him!!!
  • meGo to i am raisin' the sun... i am that important...
  • (\_/)Go to when we met again... i won the fight
  • that 1 timeGo to the time didi went to the town... bad timing
  • run...Go to this is the time FS ground cell barged into the castle yelling "you're going to LOVE ME!"
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